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Hello! I am Sujata Shukla, a Food Professional and a Chartered Accountant. A foodie to the heart I  enjoy experimenting with different cuisines & ingredients, usually for healthy food and my ‘cook-shelf ‘ plays a prominent part in my life.

My cookshelf
My CookShelf

From traditional Indian dishes to favourites from other cuisines, from complex time consuming recipes needing a number of ingredients (and loads of patience), to easy put-me-togethers with less than 5 ingredients,  you will find that spices, butter, cheese, colourful and flavourful fruits and vegetables get into almost every recipe in this blog, PepperOnPizza.com.

In these pages I have tried to bring  to you, the discerning reader, a variety of detailed recipes using fresh ingredients for nutritious and tasty food.

I have included some recipes using superfoods and will be adding more in the coming days, with a focus on food that can help fight cancer and other disease. I plan to bring out recipes for specific health situations such as for those undergoing chemotherapy or for persons who need to watch sugar levels or BP. Having been a caregiver when my husband was terminally ill, I know that Healthy does not necessarily mean bland or boring, specially when you need to tempt that fading appetite.  So these recipes are meant to bring interesting food into your life, whether you are just fond of food (and cooking) or need fun recipes even when planning a meal around health constraints.

Recently I have started a series of recipes on Cooking For the New Mom (or Pathiya Samayal as the balanced meal is called in Tamil) based on a traditional Ayurvedic framework and tweaked to suit modern conveniences and tastes, at the same time keeping in mind the right balance of nutrition, digestibility, healing and lactation benefits for a new mother. The recipes do not compromise on flavour and taste either.

This is not a Health Blog though. Some ingredients may need to be left out or substituted out of most recipes in order to qualify as properly healthy. There are also the occasional dessert or festive dish.

I have recreated a number of traditional Tamil recipes learnt from my mother. For Tamilians away from home, it is wonderful to be able to prepare Pulikachal and Peerkangai Thogiyal along with a variety of rasams and kootus. Some of them are made the way our grandmothers used to make them, and some are developed by me from the many fresh herbs and vegetables that we now have access to.

There are also easy basic recipes for making pizza dough, pita bread, tomato sauce for pasta, simple guacamole and other dips. Check out the cold soups for warm weather and robust ones when its chill! Have you tried my Chilli Zucchini soup yet? Or the French Bean Sorrel one?

I love to read and to travel and to browse on the internet, specially on foodie sites. I spend hours planning new recipes. When travelling I can go to great lengths to sample the local cuisine. It is this sense of adventure and exploration of cuisines that I hope to share with you.

Feel free to write to me at Info@PepperOnPizza.com with your suggestions, ideas and what you would like from this blog.

Do Join me in this Culinary Adventure!