Recipes Beyond Borders- sometimes Exotic, mostly Healthy, always Delicious

Recipes Beyond Borders – sometimes Exotic, Mostly Healthy, Always Delicious! All with detailed step by step instructions for even a beginner to try making foods from different cuisines. Some easy and quick, some elaborate and all of it, FUN!




Recipes for Indian cuisine including traditional ‘grandmother’s’ recipes, popular recipes, cooking for festivals and special recipes for cooking for new mothers after delivery.

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Recipes for delicious salads with interesting dressings. There are healthy grain based salads, roasted vegetables, fresh greens and herbs, seasonal berries and fruits and much more.

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Recipes for soups for every weather – Chilled Gazpachos for hot days, Hearty warm soups for a chill evening. Healthy Soups with vegetables, herbs, lentils and often nuts and flavoured oils.

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